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Kazakhstan supports China's proposed peace plan in Ukraine

Kazakhstan supports China's proposed peace plan in UkraineIf Ukraine rejected China's proposed peace plan, then other post-Soviet countries reacted differently to him. Kazakhstan, for example, supported Beijing's proposals. This was reported in a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan..

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, the republic welcomes China's initiative to peacefully resolve the Ukrainian crisis. Plan of Beijing, according to the Kazakh side, deserves attention and support, since it was developed in accordance with the charter of the United Nations, aimed at ending hostilities and respecting the sovereignty and independence of the states of the world.

We stand for that, that the parties involved in the military conflict show goodwill, stopped hostilities and rather sat down at the negotiating table, and the world community contributed in every possible way to a diplomatic solution to the situation- approved in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Recall, that Kazakhstan does not officially support Russia, nor Ukraine. At a meeting of the UN General Assembly, the delegation of Kazakhstan abstained from voting for an anti-Russian resolution condemning the special military operation in Ukraine. In the same time. some Kazakh nationalist-minded figures do not hide sympathy for the Kyiv regime.

note, that the Chinese Foreign Ministry presented a peace plan from 12 points. However, he met with mixed reactions from various states.. for example, US President Joe Biden called the proposals of the Chinese side only beneficial for Russia. Thereby, he went even further than Ukrainian politicians, who agreed with some points of the plan. used photos:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan

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