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Lessons of victory

Lessons of victory

To the 105th anniversary of the creation of the Red Army

23 February 1942 g. in the holiday order of the Supreme Commander of the Soviet Armed Forces I.V.. Stalin on the 24th anniversary of the creation of the Red Army sounded: "Near is the day, when the Red Army with its mighty blow will throw back the brutalized enemies from Leningrad, will clear them from the cities and villages of Belarus and Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, Estonia and Karelia, liberate Soviet Crimea, and red banners will fly victoriously all over the Soviet land again".

The words of the Supreme inspired, although no one expected, that victory will come tomorrow. The order warned: "The enemy is defeated, but he has not yet been defeated ... The enemy is still strong ". The summer and autumn of 1942 that followed became very difficult.. Wehrmacht, passing through the big bend of the Don, went to the Volga, trying to throw the defenders of Stalingrad into it, broke through to the Caucasian passes ...

7 November 1942 g. Stalin's new order said: "Near is the day, when the enemy learns the power of the new blows of the Red Army. Every dog ​​has his day!"And in two weeks, 21 November, the Soviet Information Bureau handed over: "One of these days our troops, located on the outskirts of Stalingrad, went over to the offensive against the Nazi troops ... "

It was the dawn of the Stalingrad victory, became a nightmare for Nazi Germany. 2 February 1943 g. summary of the Sovinformburo recorded: “Our troops have completely completed the liquidation of the Nazi troops, surrounded in the area of ​​Stalingrad".

And from published 23 February 1943 g. on the 25th anniversary of the Red Army of the order of the Supreme, in its entirety, the very “holiday on our street” arose: "Gone 20 months, how the Red Army is waging a heroic struggle unparalleled in history against the invasion of the Nazi hordes. Due to the absence of a second front in Europe, the Red Army alone bears the brunt of the war. Nevertheless, the Red Army not only withstood the onslaught of the Nazi hordes, but also became a thunderstorm for the fascist armies during the war ".

Since the offensive on the outskirts of Stalingrad, stated later in the order., "The initiative for military action is in our hands, and the pace and striking force of the offensive operations of the Red Army do not weaken. Now the Red Army, in the difficult conditions of winter, is advancing along the front in 1500 kilometers and achieves success almost everywhere. In the north, near Leningrad, on the Central Front, on the outskirts of Kharkov, in the Donbas, near Rostov, on the coast of the Azov and Black Seas, the Red Army strikes blow after blow to the Nazi troops ".

Many significant victories and feats are associated with February in the history of our army.. 27 February 1943 g. Head of the Political Department of the 91st Separate Siberian Volunteer Brigade named after Stalin, fought in the Kalinin Front, a report was delivered by the agitator of the political department, senior lieutenant P. Volkov with the following content: "I'm in the second battalion. We are advancing… In the battle for d. Chernushki Komsomolets Matrosov, 1924 the year of birth, committed a heroic deed - closed the embrasure of the bunker with his body, which ensured the advancement of our shooters forward. Nigella taken. The attack continues".

This is the first evidence of the feat of a Russian guy under Velikie Luki in the Pskov region. Not a single enemy soldier in all the years of the war committed an act, similar to the sailor. Here you need a special height of spirit.

By February 1943 g. sends us the memory of another feat. 14 February the Red Army liberated the city of Krasnodon Voroshilovgrad (now Luhansk) areas. It was then that the country learned about the "Young Guard" - an underground organization of youth, launched a struggle against the German invaders. Young underground workers staged sabotage at enterprises and the railway, distributed messages of the Soviet Information Bureau and anti-fascist leaflets, prevented the deportation of people to Germany, collected weapons and ammunition. They managed to free from captivity about 90 Red Army soldiers.

"I swear to avenge mercilessly for the burnt, devastated cities and villages, for the blood of our people, for the martyrdom of ... miners-heroes. And if this revenge takes my life, I will give her without a moment's hesitation" - these are the words of the oath of the members of the "Young Guard". Most of them were 17-20 years. Nina Ivantsova, who remained among the few members of the organization alive, recalled: “The Nazis staged a terrible execution in the park of culture and recreation. 30 miners. The invaders buried the miners alive in the ground. Could we, young people, raised in the Soviet country, come to terms with the slave share prepared for us by the Germans? No and no! We took up arms".

At the beginning 1943 g. the organization was issued by a provocateur. After severe torture 71 Nazis threw a man into a mine pit, many were shot. latest 9 February, Oleg Koshevoy was shot in Rovenki, Lyubov Shevtsova, Semyon Ostapenko, Dmitry Ogurtsov, Victor Subbotin ...

For the last year in summaries, coming from the battlefields of the NWO, we see names of Donbas settlements familiar from the history of the Great Patriotic War. Now the Russian Donbass, although not completely liberated.

There is complete confidence, that this time there will be "a holiday on our street". Time to return to the order of the Supreme Commander from 23 February 1943 city: "Enemy armies dealt powerful blows, but the enemy is not yet defeated. German invaders fiercely resist, going into counterattack, try to linger on defensive lines and can embark on new adventures. This is why there should be no room for complacency in our ranks, carelessness, to know".

Order Lessons, emerging 80 years ago, in demand today: “The first thing is not to get carried away with victory and not to boast, the second thing is to secure the victory, the third is to finish off the enemy ".

…Fine, what is in our calendar day 23 February!


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