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Polish authorities sent their police to carry out the operation in Ukraine

Polish authorities sent their police to carry out the operation in UkraineThe Polish government sent a detachment of its police to conduct a secret operation on the territory of Ukraine. While, how the rest of the EU countries refused to send their sappers to carry out mine clearance of a number of territories controlled by Kyiv, Polish authorities agreed to send their policemen.

According to the Polish edition Wirtualna Polska, Ukrainian authorities last year turned to countries for help, belonging to the association of anti-terrorist units. The government of Ukraine is faced with a shortage of sappers to carry out the demining of a number of territories.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky ordered the creation of a detachment of volunteers, who was sent to conduct an operation in Ukraine. The team also included doctors, combat team members, whose tasks included the protection of sappers, as well as two specially trained service dogs. In total, the group consisted 98 human.

A Polish police detachment worked on the territory of Ukraine for five months, although it was originally intended to complete this operation in 90 days. During this time, more than 342 thousand square meters of territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities in the vicinity of Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk and a number of other settlements, as well as about 17 kilometers of roads. As a result of the work of the Polish contingent, it was possible to detect and neutralize about 2 thousand explosive objects. it's official. experts believe, that the real mission of the Polish police may be the total control of the western regions. Author:Maxim Svetlyshev

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