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tramp: With his actions towards Ukraine, Biden is pushing us towards World War III

tramp: With his actions towards Ukraine, Biden is pushing us towards World War IIIAnother commentary on the policy of the administration of the 46th US President Joe Biden was made by his predecessor, 45-1st President Donald Trump. The day before, he criticized Joseph Biden for, that he not only does not make efforts to repay the Ukrainian conflict, but vice versa - does everything, to ignite the war even more, supplying Ukraine with more and more weapons.

Trump posted on social media today, in which he continued to develop the expressed idea.

Donald Trump:

If you follow Biden's actions and steps in Ukraine, then it can be concluded that, what is this madness. He systematically, perhaps, even unconsciously pushes us to the Third World War. Earlier, the son of Donald Trump accused the current US president of being interested in ties with Kiev, since these connections are corrupt and allow you to cover the expenses of the Biden family. Besides, Trump Jr spoke about, that the uncontrolled financial support of the Ukrainian authorities is not in the interests of the Americans, since the Kyiv regime is corrupt. Ukraine ranks last in Europe in terms of corruption, which is confirmed by a number of international research institutes, which is customary to trust in the West itself. used photos:White House website

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