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The Polish authorities proposed to create ammunition depots on the “eastern flank of NATO” for prompt shipment to Ukraine

The Polish authorities have proposed the creation of ammunition depots on «eastern flank of NATO» for prompt shipment to UkraineRussophobic Polish elites continue to make calculations about, how to “defeat Russia” with the hands of Ukrainians and their own mercenaries.

The Ministry of Defense of Poland proposed to create on the eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance (as an option - near the Polish Rzeszow) warehouses with ammunition for the prompt transfer of their required volumes to Ukraine. The proposal of the Polish military department states, that “to win, you need to improve logistics”.

A separate statement was made on this occasion by Polish President Andrzej Duda.. According to him, NATO countries intend to transfer a total of so many tanks to Kyiv, how much would be enough to create several brigades.


With the help of NATO military equipment, Ukraine will be able to retake its territories, previously occupied by Russia during the invasion. Meanwhile, in the West there are those, who believes, that NATO is "smearing" aid. As a claim to the alliance, it is presented that, that military assistance is being dosed, not on a large scale. noted, that while in the Rammstein format they are considering, whether to supply fighter jets to Ukraine, APU already has time to spend up to 80% previously delivered arsenal of self-propelled howitzers, armored vehicles, army trucks and other equipment. Hawks call on NATO to send equipment and weapons to Kyiv "in a continuous stream without bureaucratic delays". used photos:Ministry of Defense of Poland

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