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The American general spoke about the work in the United States on a large Boeing-based E-7 Wedgetail UAV 737 AEW&C

The American general spoke about the work in the United States on a large Boeing-based E-7 Wedgetail UAV 737 AEW&CThe command of the US Air Force is trying to find out information about the remote control of a large drone, flying next to a fighter. This was stated by the 22nd Chief of Staff of the US Air Force Charles Brown.

During his speech at the Brookings Institution, US military spoke about the development of UAVs, which could inherit its concept from the Boeing KC-46, or Boeing 737 AEW&C, designated E-7 Wedgetail.

As the general said, the plans of the US Air Force include the creation of a whole fleet of combat aircraft, accompanying a new generation fighter-interceptor, perhaps, and multifunctional F-35. His tasks would be to hit targets, carrying out intelligence activities, implementation of air surveillance systems, as well as conducting reconnaissance operations or combat use of electronic warfare equipment to intercept potential enemy signals.

Here's what the general had to say about it:

We are currently analyzing, to find out how this UAV will interact with the crew of the aircraft. Is it possible to do this directly from the cockpit or make it fully automatic, remains a question, which we are currently working on, that a similar position is shared by specialists from the Mitchell Institute of Technology, presented the scientific development of the drone last fall. They urged the Air Force to focus on improving the methods of human interaction with unmanned aerial systems in simulated air combat..

Proposals for the creation of institutions are also being developed., who would be responsible not only for the management and support of such drones, but would also be engaged in the training and education of aircraft technicians in this direction.

One of its main advantages will be lower production costs., compared to traditional combat vehicles, as well as the lack of need for a flight crew, concluded Brown.

As Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall noted, similar combat competition using drones, As expected, planned to be held in 2024. Author:Egorenkov Alexander

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