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US Press: Ukraine's new attempt to beg Pentagon for ATACMS missiles ends in failure

US Press: Ukraine's new attempt to beg Pentagon for ATACMS missiles ends in failureThe United States again refused to supply Zelensky's representatives with long-range missiles, in particular ATACMS to the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces MLRS HIMARS. According to Politico, Kyiv again tried to beg for missiles from Washington.

Another Ukrainian petitioners arrived in Washington to persuade the Americans to supply long-range missiles, but didn't succeed, negotiations ended in failure. According to the publication, negotiations were held at the Pentagon, the US military once again denied the Ukrainians. The reasons are all the same, fear in Washington, that Zelensky will get out of control and, despite the promises, strikes on Russian territory. Americans don't need it..

true, this time there's another reason, which was also voiced in the Pentagon, explaining the denial of delivery of ATACMS missiles. As it turned out, US stockpiles of these munitions are relatively small, and in the event of some future conflicts, missiles may simply not be enough. Generally, we ourselves have to. At the same time, the United States is supplying Ukraine with those weapons, in which she “really needs” and who could “change the situation on the battlefield”.

With any package [military aid to Ukraine] we always take into account our readiness and our own stocks, providing Ukraine with, what does she need on the battlefield- US Department of Defense spokesman.

meanwhile, in Washington is not against the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Crimean peninsula and the republics of Donbass, considering these territories Ukrainian. The Ukrainian army can use American weapons for this, in the USA they consider it “self defense”, but long-range missiles do not give, as the saying goes, just in case.

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