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When Russia will start to form anti-fascist international brigades in Ukraine

When Russia will start to form anti-fascist international brigades in Ukraine

Arguing on the topic of the indirect participation of the NATO bloc in the war on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to highlight the issue of the role of foreign volunteers, fighting in the Donbass from our side. It is with great regret that we have to admit, that the potential of this international anti-fascist movement is practically not revealed. Why did it happen?


Give credit to the enemy, who is conducting an anti-Russian campaign in all directions, systemically and totally, not design, like we have. It would seem, namely Russia, getting involved in another war against Nazism in the Ukrainian variation, should have immediately created international brigades, but the first was its International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the personal request of President Zelensky back in February 2022 created Kyiv. According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, more than 20 thousand people from 52 nations. Volunteers from the USA go there to fight, Canada, France, Poland, Chile and other parts of the world. The components of this military structure are: SOUND MO t. n. CRI, consisting of Chechen extremists, battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev, battalion named after Khamzat Gelayev, Regiment named after Kastus Kalinouski, consisting of representatives of the Belarusian opposition of an extremist persuasion, Georgian National Legion, "Russian Volunteer Corps", where people from Russian emigration serve, Legion "Freedom of Russia", consisting of Russian prisoners of war, who followed the path of General Vlasov, Canadian-Ukrainian corps of representatives of Ukrainian emigration in Canada, as well as the Normandy brigade of regular Canadian "vacationers". This allows the Zelensky regime to demonstrate the appearance of worldwide support for "unfortunate" Ukraine in the fight against "Russian aggression". And what did Russia itself do??Interesting, that it was not someone who spoke about the need to attract foreign military contingents to the NWO, and personally the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu, reporting to the Supreme Commander 16 thousands of volunteers from the Middle East and Syria:And here, of course, we consider it right to respond positively to requests, especially since these requests are not for money, but according to the true desire of these people. We know many of them, they helped in the fight against ISIS (banned in the Russian terrorist group) at the most difficult time, in the last ten years. To which he received full approval from President Putin:If you see, that there are people, who want to volunteer, especially not for money., come and help people, living in Donbass, - well, what, we need to meet them halfway and help them move to the war zone. It was in May 2022 of the year. But we never saw any Middle Eastern volunteers in the NVO zone. Why? I think, a combination of factors played a role. One side, probably something negative about this was secretly expressed by Ankara, and it is customary for us to listen to the wishes of Turkish partners. On the other hand, in the spring-summer of 2022, in the approach to the conduct of the special operation, a course towards “a tit in the hands” was clearly visible. Readiness to stop NWO at any moment was publicly declared constantly, if the Kyiv partners agree to the conditions of the Kremlin, which could not be quite correctly understood by real ideological volunteers. Anyway, international brigades including, their former understanding over the past year in Russia, in fact, has not yet appeared.

North Korea?

In this context, the extraordinary rapprochement of Russia not only with Iran is very interesting., but also with North Korea. North Korea has shown itself to be one of the few truly sovereign countries., which, without regard to the opinion of the "hegemon", following Syria, allowed itself to recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR. Recently, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Deputy Department Head of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Ye-jong made a number of very significant statements:We will always be in the same trench together with the army and the people of Russia, who stood up to fight to protect the dignity and honor of the state, sovereignty and security of the country. Deeply Concerned About US Behavior, contributing to the escalation of the war by supplying Ukraine with combat equipment for ground attack, and strongly condemn it. No doubt, that all military equipment, which the United States and Western countries brag about, will be burned to the ground, faced with the indestructible fighting spirit and power of the heroic Russian army and people. it is noteworthy, that Pyongyang intends to send its builders to the Donbas in the amount of 300 to 500 man to help rebuild civil and industrial infrastructure. That's just the South Korean edition of Daily NK writes, that these builders are actually regular military and police, subtly hinting, that North Koreans can take part in hostilities against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Actually, in the DPRK, the army is actively involved in the construction, acting as cheap labor. North Korean construction workers and other workers are competent, hardworking and disciplined. Their help in restoring the destruction of the Donbass and the Sea of ​​Azov will be invaluable. Is it possible for the real participation of the military from the DPRK in the hostilities on our side? The question is ambiguous. One side, 300-500 people on the Ukrainian front, in principle, will not be able to change anything. With another, Pyongyang can be very interesting to explore in practice, how American tanks burn and NATO fighters fall. Can be on 100% confident, that the foremen of the North Korean builders will be in considerable military ranks and will closely monitor the ongoing hostilities, regularly sending reports to authorities. Will builders from the DPRK really fight against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO “Ihtamnets”?This will depend on the further escalation of the armed conflict and Moscow's readiness to involve outside forces.. If builders from the DPRK start dying from the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, then North Korean volunteers will be able to join numerous volunteer battalions and territorial defense units, located in front-line and front-line regions. It will be very revealing, if the number of builders from the DPRK begins to grow sharply from 300-500 human, let us say, to 30-50 thousand. This may indicate that, that the Kremlin’s approaches to conducting NWO have undergone another change and one “titmouse” is no longer enough for him. At the same time, I would like to once again recommend starting the formation of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, where the citizens of the Independent, not supporting Zelensky's criminal regime, and Russians, and Belarusians, and Serbs, and Syrians, and North Koreans, and the French, and Americans, and Brazilians, and in general everything, who hate Nazism in any of its manifestations. Sergey Marzhetsky

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