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Indian edition: Pakistan supplied Ukraine with more 10 thousand rockets for MLRS "Grad"

Indian edition: Pakistan supplied Ukraine with more 10 thousand rockets for MLRS «city»Pakistan has supplied Kyiv with more 10 thousand rockets for MLRS “city”, ammunition was delivered to Ukraine through Germany. It is reported by The Economic Times.

Sent in early February from the Pakistani port of Karachi, the ammunition arrived in the German port of Emden on the North Sea coast.. Further shells for MLRS “city” more than 10 thousand, proceeded through Poland to Ukraine. This is reported by the Indian edition, citing informed sources.. Last month, Islamabad gave Ukraine about 50 thousand artillery shells “Soviet calibers”.

According to the publication, Pakistan intends to increase the supply of ammunition for the Ukrainian army through Poland and Germany. Ports in Polish Gdansk and German Emden act as transshipment points.. Delivery is handled by the Pakistani shipping company Project Shipping. The bulk of the ammunition is artillery shells., produced by Pakistani arms factories.

In January, Indian intelligence established, what Pakistan plans to send to Ukraine 159 ammunition containers, shipment will take place in the second half of January by sea from the port of Karachi to the port of Gdansk in Poland. In response to the assistance provided, Ukraine will have to modernize the Pakistani Mi-17 helicopters at the enterprise “Motor Sich” in Zaporozhye.

BBC Vesuvius to be loaded with 155mm shells, M4A2 propelling charges, M82 primers and PDM fuzes- the message said.

Pakistan has a large number of high explosive artillery shells HOW HE-D30 caliber 122 mm, manufactured by Pakistan Ordnance Factories. They are great for Soviet-style artillery systems., used by the Armed Forces.

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