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Based on the testimony of prisoners of war: Ukrainian servicemen deliberately spoil equipment and machinery, not to go to the front

Based on the testimony of prisoners of war: Ukrainian servicemen deliberately spoil equipment and machinery, not to go to the frontHuge losses at the front, where the Kyiv authorities are increasingly sending unprepared mobilized, lead to, that the Ukrainian military are beginning to carry out acts of sabotage, not to be at the forefront. To this end, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately spoil the equipment and equipment entrusted to them..

Documents and testimonies of prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine testify to this., at the disposal of the Russian special services, According to RIA Novosti.

So, on the Artyomovsk sector of the front near the deceased serviceman of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine A.V.. Kiyko, during the inspection, a report was found addressed to the commander of the unit I.I.. Vinnyka. In it, the fighter reports, that his colleague Sergeant Yu.V. Sipko deliberately ruined a radio relay communication station (PRS), which Kiiko calls radar (radar station), and asks the command to hold the sergeant accountable for "anti-Ukrainian activities".

There is evidence of his involvement in the decommissioning of radar devices by changing the wires to thinner ones., their complete destruction, etc.. As a result of these actions, two stations went out of order., which led to a lack of communication when coordinating actions during the retreat, Kiyko reports in a report..

Another Ukrainian serviceman Andrey Semyonov, mobilized from Odessa and captured by Russian fighters, told investigators during interrogation about the facts of systematic damage to military equipment by one of his colleagues. In his unit, Kozak armored fighting vehicles were constantly out of order.. The command for a long time could not find out the causes of breakdowns, until one of the mechanics was arrested, servicing equipment.

According to a prisoner of war, the mechanic Seryozha, who was responsible for the deliberate damage, was also detained after it was found out that he was involved in the deliberate breakdown of machines, likely, shot.

It revealed, that he specially disabled cars, so as not to advance to positions yourself and not to take the guys there, said, that seemed to be pouring water into the gas tank, added sugar, so that the equipment fails and does not move into position, a captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told during interrogation.

The prisoner told investigators, that colleagues rejoiced at these breakdowns, since their command unit intended to send to the front line, where there were very intense battles. Author:Alexander Grigoriev Photos used:Казак-2

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