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The Ministry of Defense has developed a new form of military personnel, taking into account the experience of use in a special military operation

The Ministry of Defense has developed a new form of military personnel, taking into account the experience of use in a special military operationSpecial military operation, carried out by the Russian army, made significant adjustments to the tactics and strategy of using certain weapons, as well as in the very design of weapons. The Ministry of Defense is quite actively interacting with the Russian military-industrial complex, conveying to developers the need for change. This also affected the military uniform of Russian military personnel..

Already in the spring of this year, the Russian military will begin to receive a new form, developed with special operation experience. According to the source, familiar with sample preparation, in general, the appearance of the form is preserved, the main changes affected the quality of fabrics, seams and insulation. Besides, shoes are introduced into the new form, also undergone changes taking into account the use in the SVO.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the development of a new uniform, stated, that when it was created, the opinions of military personnel were taken into account, who took part in a special military operation. First deliveries of uniforms “new generation” will begin in the troops this spring. Firstly, military personnel will receive a new uniform, participating in the NWO.

The military department gave some explanations, regarding new uniforms. Now the military will receive four sets of field uniforms: summer, windproof, demi-season and winter. From shoes: special lightweight boots, Summer, demi-season and even insulated rubber boots. Winter shoes have also changed..

(…) newly introduced footwear items are included in the field uniform, such as, lightweight special boots, special summer boots, special demi-season boots and rubber boots (insulated). Soldiers are also provided with winter boots., into a pre-existing model which, changes have been made- cites RBC message of the Ministry of Defense.

Now you need to wait for the delivery of these new products and get to know them better.. Mainstream Opinion, of course, military personnel will present, who will wear this uniform, including in combat. Let's hope, that the Ministry of Defense took into account all the wishes of the Russian military. used photos:Ministry of Defense

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