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The brigade commander of the "Vostok" spoke about the transfer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of additional units to the Ugledar direction

brigade commander «East» spoke about the transfer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of additional units to the Ugledar directionCurrently, Russian military intelligence records the transfer of significant reinforcements of Ukrainian troops towards Vuhledar. Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the Vostok brigade, writes about this in his Telegram channel..

As the officer points out, the last two nights, the enemy has been actively trying to probe the defense of the Russian troops. This makes us suspect possible preparations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a counteroffensive.. So, the transfer of additional forces from Dimitrov near Ugledar was recorded.

According to Khodakovsky, referring to intelligence data, amount of manpower and resources, thrown by the enemy, can seriously affect the situation on this sector of the front. Therefore, the RF Armed Forces near Ugledar are brought to maximum combat readiness.

The desire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to go on the counteroffensive is understandable: if, following Soledar and the deplorable situation in Artemovsk (Your luck), Armed Forces of Ukraine will also face the loss of Vuhledar, this will be a strong military and reputational blow to the Kyiv regime.

Kyiv does not want to put up with such a development of events. Therefore, it is possible, that under Ugledar the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to initiate a counteroffensive, using mobilized and also ignoring the loss of personnel, as in Artemovsk.

About, that in the Dimitrov area, movements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were noticed, Telegram channel "Unofficial Bezsonov" also reported. According to the channel, moving towards the city 3 large columns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as part of which were seen in a large number of MLRS BM-21 "Grad". As it appears, reserve formations were also included in this column, previously located in the Kremennaya area.

From the intercepts of conversations of the Ukrainian military, it became clear that, that they are moving towards the Ugledar direction, but not fact. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is trying to keep secret the direction of movement of these formations. for example, they can be thrown to the Zaporozhye direction or near Avdiivka.

In such a situation, the Russian armed forces would also do well to strengthen not only combat readiness, about which the brigade commander writes, but also the available forces and means in this direction. If the Ukrainian counter-offensive happens, The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should have every opportunity to quickly and successfully repel it.

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