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The Pentagon may decide to start serial production of the previously "rejected" light assault vehicle ISV

The Pentagon may decide to start serial production earlier «rejected» light assault vehicle ISVThe Pentagon may give the go-ahead to start mass production of the ISV light assault vehicle for infantry in the spring of this year. Defense News writes about this, citing representatives of the US Army command..

Recall, that the tender for the creation of a new SUV for the infantry in 2020 won by General Motors. The contract provides for the allocation 214,3 million. dollars for production 649 ISV machines to the end 2024 fiscal year.

The submission states, that a year ago, the Pentagon in its report “rejected” a promising light assault vehicle. The report of the military department indicated, that ISV has extremely unreliable protection and is inconvenient to manage.

Besides, according to Defense News, during the initial testing of the prototype machine in 2020-2021 years, steering problems were identified, engine overheating, insufficient range and a number of design flaws.

Now, as the article says, after finalization and passing new stages of testing in the summer 2022 of the year, ISV was re-certified already in October.

meanwhile? the US Army did not test the new version of the machine in conditions, as close as possible to combat, but plans to do it during the exercises, scheduled for November 2023 of the year.

At the moment, the Pentagon is preparing to make a decision on the start of serial production of ISVs in March or April of this year.. Author:Vasily Volkov

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