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Head of Rosaviatsia: More 180 foreign-made aircraft are transferred to Russian jurisdiction

Head of Rosaviatsia: More 180 foreign-made aircraft are transferred to Russian jurisdictionThe head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Alexander Neradko, announced that, more 180 foreign-made aircraft are transferred to Russian jurisdiction. According to the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, all these aircraft, operated by Russian airlines, have been deregistered in Bermuda and Ireland. He cited Western sanctions as the reason for this., acting against the Russian aviation industry.

According to the official, the abolition of the so-called "double registration" continues.

Here is how he commented on further steps in this direction in an interview with RBC:

Airlines have already started this work, because they are interested in accelerating this process, before the start of the special operation, as a result, the European Union imposed a ban on the supply of aircraft parts to Russia and flights to EU countries, at the disposal of Russian carriers was about 800 aircraft, mainly Airbus and Boeing with foreign registration (768 - in Bermuda, and more 37 - in Ireland). In mid-March last year, these countries decided to suspend their airworthiness certificates for carriers from the Russian Federation.. Soon, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to register in Russia the rights to foreign aircraft., under lease. All these measures helped to reduce the risk of their arrest abroad.. Due to the refusal of the authorities of Bermuda and Ireland to remove them from their registers, other countries followed suit, including Turkey.

The authorities of these countries [Bermuda and Ireland] made decisions, politically motivated, inconsistent with international practice. Restrictions were introduced by them without any discussion. But it's a matter of economics, since the leadership of these countries will still have to remove the registration in that case, if the lessor makes an appropriate decision on this issue, Neradko noted.

Also, According to him, over the past year, the Federal Air Transport Agency conducted an inspection of the technical condition 647 aircraft, registered in the Russian register, while with respect to almost 600 of which airworthiness certificates were approved. As for the rest, the, according to the official, they will also be issued certificates after maintenance and repair. Author:Egorenkov Alexander Photos used:Social networks/Neradko

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