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British self-propelled air defense systems FV4333 "Stormer HVM" spotted in the Ugledar area

British self-propelled air defense systems FV4333 «Storm HVM» seen in the area of ​​UgledarArmed Forces of Ukraine deployed British Starstreak anti-aircraft missile systems based on an armored personnel carrier to the Vuhledar region “Stormer”, one of the complexes with a white cross painted on board was removed while driving in this area.

SAM data rarely get into the camera lens, since the UK delivered a small number of such complexes to Ukraine. Information about the only delivery of six Stormer HVM self-propelled air defense systems appeared last spring, no more posts on this topic. Even if the British delivered some more of the same air defense systems, they did it in secret. So today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with only six British anti-aircraft systems based on the Stormer chassis.. But the transfer of ammunition for them was reported more than once.

The transfer of air defense systems “Storm HVM” (High Velocity Missile - High Velocity Missile) closer to the front could mean, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are very bad with army air defense, whose task is to cover units on the battlefield. This complex can pose a serious threat to army aviation helicopters and attack aircraft., actively supporting the offensive in the Ugledar region.

Self-propelled version of the air defense system is placed on an armored chassis “Stormer” (SP). Machine weight - 13 tonnes, speed – to 80 kmh, crew - three people. The basis of the complex is missiles “Starstreak HVM” with a warhead of three “darts” length 0,45 m, diameter 20 mm, weight 900 gram, of which 450 grams falls on the plastic explosive PBX-98. Each of the darts has its own control loop and laser beam guidance, armor-piercing core, explosive charge and thermopile.

The performance characteristics of MANPADS Starstreak: range of hit targets - from 300 to 7000 m, height of hit targets - up to 5000 m, maximum rocket speed 3 M, rocket length - 1369 mm, rocket launch weight 14 kg. Warhead - three penetrating tungsten submunitions.

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