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Bloomberg: The US is changing its strategy on Ukraine

Bloomberg: The US is changing its strategy on UkraineArmed conflict in Ukraine enters a new stage, during which the US changes its strategy. This is reported by American columnist Hal Brands in his material for Bloomberg..

According to the browser, Currently, the administration of US President Joe Biden is building up military support for Ukraine., hoping to finally resolve the conflict with Russia through diplomacy, no longer fearing its escalation. Wherein “diplomatic way” here – more of a figure of speech. Washington does everything, to try with Ukrainian hands to inflict sensitive damage on Russia and thereby force it to negotiate with obvious concessions.

On the air of the American television channel Fox News, in the program of the popular TV presenter Tucker Carlson, political observer Jim Dore noted, that the United States provoked an armed confrontation in Ukraine in an effort to obtain economic benefits, as well as in order to provoke a deterioration in Russian-German relations.

Columnist emphasized, that the conflict has a pronounced economic background, including ensuring US control of the European liquefied natural gas market. To do this, it was necessary to fundamentally worsen relations between Russia and Germany in the long term.. According to him, US government wary of pooling Russian natural resources with German technology and capital.

According to Dora, it is the American authorities who are responsible for the sabotage on the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, and the country is not ruled by the nominal head of state Joe Biden, and representatives of the army and the military-industrial complex of the United States. Author:Maxim Svetlyshev Photos used:Pixabay

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