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The Swedish army has ordered a new batch of Grkpbv90 Mjölner self-propelled double-barreled mortars

The Swedish army has ordered a new batch of Grkpbv90 Mjölner self-propelled double-barreled mortarsThe Swedish army plans to increase the number of self-propelled mortars to 80 units, The Ministry of Defense of the country signed a new contract for the supply of a new batch of 120-mm self-propelled mortars Granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90 (Grkpbv90).

The contract for the supply of 20 Grkpbv90 Mjölner (Molot Thor) signed between BAE Systems and the Swedish Armed Forces Logistics Agency (FMV). agreement value 30 million. dollars implies the delivery of the entire batch to 2025 year. Production will take place at BAE Systems Hagglunds in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden).

120-mm self-propelled mortar Grkpbv90 (Mjolnir – hammer Thor) developed by order of the Swedish army by the Swedish divisions of BAE Systems as a replacement for previously planned purchases 40 automated 120-mm double-barreled mortar systems AMOS (Finland) also based on BMP CV90. The army received the first pre-production vehicles in 2019 year.

Self-propelled mortar Grkpbv90 Mjölner is a simple double-barreled smoothbore mortar with barrels “conventional mortar type” with recoil devices and muzzle manual loading, mounted in a manually operated rotating tower. The mortar is capable of firing at a distance of up to 13 km, mines are fired alternately with a short interval. Ammunition – 50 min. four-person crew – commander, driver and two loaders. The calculation when firing is in the fighting compartment in a standing position in full growth.

Grkpbv90 Mjölner – the first self-propelled mortar in the Swedish army, before that, the Swedes used only towed mortars, in particular, Finnish 120-mm GRK m / 41 mortars of the sample 1941 of the year.

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