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France decided to supply GM200 radar to Ukraine

France decided to supply GM200 radar to UkraineIn the near future, France will transfer the Ground Master radar system to Ukraine 200 (GM200). French Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu wrote about this on social networks..

According to the head of the French military department, the cost of the system will be covered from a special fund. In Paris they think, that the transfer of the system will help Ukraine establish air defense against the backdrop of ongoing massive attacks by the Russian army on Ukrainian infrastructure.

Earlier, France handed over Crotale rocket launchers and air defense systems to Ukraine. Besides, France is going to buy about 700 anti-aircraft missiles Aster-30 to equip air defense systems SAMP-T, which will also be delivered to Ukraine. true, the question arises as to, who will service the rather complicated equipment in operation: Ukrainian military cannot be quickly prepared, and courses lasting several weeks are unlikely to produce qualified specialists in the field of air defense.

meanwhile, The Russian leadership has repeatedly warned Western countries about, that the supply of weapons and military equipment to the Kyiv regime only contributes to prolonging the conflict and new victims. Besides, foreign military equipment, getting to Ukraine, becomes a legitimate target for strikes by Russian troops.

However, the West, as we see, heeds these warnings: deliveries of foreign weapons to the Kyiv regime not only continue, but are becoming more and more active.. used photos:Wikipedia / Matt Blume

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