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American PMC "Mozart" announced the termination of work in Ukraine

American PMC «Mozart» announced the termination of work in UkrainePrivate military company "Mozart" from the United States ceases its activities in Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the organization Andrew Milburn.

According to the founder of PMC "Mozart", his company was working in Ukraine for the last day today. Interestingly, "Mozart" leaves the country at a very crucial moment for the Kyiv regime. After all, now the forces of PMC "Wagner" surround Artemovsk.

The story of the departure of PMC "Mozart" is also interesting, which demonstrates the real level of support for Ukraine from the West. As soon as it turns out, that commercial interests are no longer important to the organization, she calmly leaves the territory of Ukraine. This can happen with US support in general..

Good, the United States has experience of abandoning its allies and is very large. You can remember the same Afghanistan, whose pro-American government was left to fend for itself, after which power in Kabul immediately passed to the Taliban (The Taliban is banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

American PMC «Mozart» announced the termination of work in Ukraine

Of course, it is unlikely that the departure of the American PMC from Ukraine symbolizes the end of support for Kyiv. But it is a very significant event.. Especially, earlier PMC "Mozart" very actively advertised its participation in the Ukrainian conflict.

Unlike the American PMC, Russian private military company "Wagner" takes an active part in hostilities. Wagner fighters play a leading role in the fighting near Artemovsk, and earlier it was they who liberated Soledar. used photos:Файл:Mozart-group.jpg

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