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Latin American countries have refused the United States in the supply of Russian-style weapons to Ukraine

Latin American countries have refused the United States in the supply of Russian-style weapons to UkraineAttempts by the United States to persuade Latin American countries to send Soviet and Russian-style weapons to Ukraine have failed. Governments of several countries in the region, bet on which the Pentagon did, rejected the proposals of the Americans.

Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina refuse to send military aid to Ukraine, visit to these countries by the commander of the US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, was in vain. People in Kiev are perplexed, how did the Latin American countries reject such a generous offer from the United States to transfer Russian-style weapons to Ukraine, and in return receive from the USA “modern American counterparts”. Be in the place of these presidents Zelensky, he would have long ago exchanged all the remaining Soviet weapons for American, and yes, I would have paid extra, if money were.

US attempt to obtain weapons for Ukraine failed, but the Pentagon does not intend to give up, despite the refusal, attempts will be made in the future. So far, the President of Colombia has ruled out such a possibility., in Brazil have been in the supply of ammunition, fearing their entry into Ukraine, and the Mexican president generally criticized the possibility of sending weapons to Kyiv.

I told her, that even if it was scrap metal, we will not give Russian weapons, so that it continues the war in Ukraine- he said.

Americans still have plans for Peru and Ecuador, which are also armed with Russian-made equipment, but it will be hard to get. In Nicaragua, Americans will not interfere at all with Venezuela and Cuba. used photos:

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