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MP for Poland: “Russia is a threat and it must be destroyed forever”

MP for Poland: «Russia is a threat and must be destroyed forever»Russia must cease to exist within today's borders, disintegration “aggressive empire” will bring undeniable advantages to the democratic states of Europe and Central Asia. The West must end Russia forever, this statement was made by the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs and the former head of the Office of the President of Poland, Member of the European Parliament Anna Fotyga.

The Western world does not need a strong and independent Russia, able to fight back and stand up for themselves. But broken into many small states, not owning its subsoil and natural wealth, the West is quite satisfied. It is not for nothing that in Kyiv, following their overseas masters, they have repeatedly repeated the need to destroy Russia and even drew some kind of maps with “new” States.

MP from Poland Fotyga announced the danger, which Russia allegedly represented at “for centuries”. According to her,, if now “empire” don't stop, then it will continue to move to the West and occupy all democratic countries. The conflict in Ukraine has shown, that Moscow does not intend to stop within the existing territorial framework, so it needs to end.

The European Parliament and many other parliaments around the world have called Russia a terrorist state and it must be liquidated – said the representative of Poland.

She invited Western countries to think over the concept of creating on pro-Russian territory “free and independent” states, based on indigenous peoples. And Western countries will take care of their prosperity. Also, the West will establish control over the wealth of Russia, because, as it turns out, Russia has nothing, it all belongs to the people, which Moscow “exploits mercilessly”.

There are no such things, like Russian gas, oil, aluminum, coal, uranium, diamonds, corn, forest, gold etc. All these resources belong to individual nations, living in these areas – added Fotyga.

The collapse of Russia will bring some difficulties, but these risks are much less dangerous, than the existence of Russia in its present form, summed up the deputy of the European Parliament. used photos:

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