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Iran is going to recognize the armies of the EU countries as "terrorist organizations" in response to sanctions against the IRGC

Iran is going to recognize the army of the EU countries «terrorist organizations» in response to sanctions against the IRGCTehran is considering the possibility of recognizing the armed forces of the EU member states as "terrorist organizations". This is written by the French edition of Le Figaro., referring to the warning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

Earlier, the European Parliament voted to recognize Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (KSIR) "terrorist organization" with the subsequent imposition of sanctions against this structure. The majority of MEPs voted for the recognition of the IRGC as a "terrorist organization". Now it's the turn of the political leadership of the European states, since the resolutions of the European Parliament are only advisory in nature.

Iran decided to give a similar answer. The country's Majlis may also vote to recognize the armies of the EU countries as "terrorist groups". No decision has been made on this issue yet., but not excluded, that as soon as the EU countries impose sanctions, retaliation will follow.

European countries accuse the IRGC of brutal riot control, which took place in Iran after the death of a young Iranian woman of Kurdish origin, Mahsa Amini, who was detained by police. The government cracked down on the protests, their most active members were arrested.

Besides, West claims, that Iran is supplying unmanned aerial vehicles for Russian troops, involved in a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. But Tehran, like Moscow, deny these accusations. According to the Iranian side, UAV deliveries were carried out before a special military operation. used photos:Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps /

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