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Day of Engineering Troops of Russia

Day of Engineering Troops of RussiaAnnually, 21 January, in Russia, military personnel from the engineering troops celebrate their professional holiday.

Officially, the date is enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation in 1996 year. but, if we talk about the emergence of engineering troops in Russia, today they celebrate 322 its existence. After all, it is 21 January (10 Old Style) 1701 year, by decree of Tsar Peter I, the first engineering school was created.

It is worth noting, that the engineering troops played a crucial role in all armed conflicts without exception, in which our country took part. Contribution, which are brought in by these experts, can not be overestimated.

The military personnel of the engineering troops provide, like a successful attack, conducting reconnaissance, erecting crossings, clearing the area, etc., and make an invaluable contribution to the defense, building fortifications, providing reliable camouflage of troops, installation of engineering barriers, including minefields, etc..

However, military engineers have enough work in peacetime. These specialists take an active part in the elimination of the consequences of major accidents., natural disasters and man-made disasters, prevent the destruction of bridges and crossings, and also carry out mine clearance, where the fighting took place.

Speaking of the work of sappers. Today, engineering troops are provided with the most modern means., including robotic systems like Uran-6, "Scarab" and others.

During the Syrian operation alone, experts from the RF Armed Forces cleared more than 6,5 thousand hectares of land, neutralizing more 100 thousand. explosive devices.

In its turn, a huge responsibility is also assigned to the engineering troops during the current SVO in Ukraine. Furthermore, it is Russian sappers who will have to ensure the safety of residents of the liberated regions, whose territory is literally strewn with Ukrainian mines and other explosive objects. Author:Vasily Volkov

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