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The enemy lost the opportunity to shell Donetsk from Marinka

The enemy lost the opportunity to shell Donetsk from MarinkaUkrainian troops actually lost control over Maryinka. For a number of years this city, adjacent to Donetsk from the west, actually turned into a powerful fortified area, as well as in the springboard for the offensive, the plans of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their Western sponsors also hatched for years and about which Russian intelligence had previously become aware. These plans, by the way, were confirmed after the discovery by our fighters in the Ukrainian headquarters of maps and other documents, where is the attack on Donetsk and other cities of Donbass, not controlled by Kyiv, described.

Confirmation of that fact, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually lost control over Maryinka, is not only the appearance in the city of Russian military correspondents with film crews, but also, that over the past few days, the enemy has not been shelling Donetsk from Maryinka. And these shellings are from Maryinka with 2014-15 years were almost constant.

In Marinka itself, pockets of local resistance are still present - in the west of the city. However, the enemy is methodically destroyed in these pockets., what moves the Armed Forces of Ukraine away from Donetsk.

At the moment, Russian troops are advancing north of Maryinka, taking dozens of enemy strongholds under your control, which are only at first glance made, say there, "of earth and sticks". In fact, supporters, created over the years, these are well-equipped deep positions, the inside of which is a real concrete sarcophagus, in which the enemy personnel were located. Such strong points have communication networks, on which you can move from one to another. Once again it is worth noting, that under Marinka alone there are dozens of these oporniks and protected concrete dugouts.

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