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Chairman of the Security Committee of the Seimas of Lithuania proposed to organize civil resistance to possible external aggression

Chairman of the Security Committee of the Seimas of Lithuania proposed to organize civil resistance to possible external aggressionThe chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Seimas, Laurynas Kasciunas, made a proposal to introduce the post of Deputy Minister of National Defense in the country's military department, solely responsible for organizing civil resistance in the event of a possible external aggression. As Kasciunas noted, At present, Lithuania does not have complete information about the potential for possible resistance of citizens. Who will become a militia, how many militias will be - the military department of the country cannot yet answer these questions.

Besides, Kasciunas emphasized, what you need to create a structure, which would be directly responsible for the organization of civil resistance, and allocate appropriate financial resources for its operation. Now courses of civil resistance are organized at the Training Center of the Special Operations Forces, military Academy, Volunteer National Defense Forces and Riflemen's Union, but unclear, is that enough. According to Kasciunas, these courses can rather be attributed to the national defense system, as they are integrated into military planning.

Former Special Operations Commander, colonel reserve Saulius Guziavičius, talking about the potential for civil resistance, He stressed, that it is necessary to prepare for the formation of volunteer units, how it was in 1918, 1940 and 1991 gg. It is also very important to properly organize public support for volunteers.. After all, any army, emphasizes Colonel Guzevicius, doomed to failure, if she does not have a "strong rear" in the form of public support.

Recall, in May 2022 Lithuanian Seimas approved a strategy to prepare the country's residents for civil resistance. The strategy provides for the creation of a Civil Resistance Council under the government of the country. The Union of Lithuanian Riflemen plays a key role in this process.. As stated in the strategy, it is he who will organize the resistance of the citizens of the country. It also aims to increase the proportion of citizens, ready to defend the country with weapons in their hands, from 44% to 60% to 2035 year.

However, defense potential of Lithuania, like other Baltic republics, in any case, it will weaken, if only because of the constant outflow of the population. Young people seek to leave the Baltic republics, to earn money in Western European countries. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Union of Lithuanian Riflemen /

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