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The Ministry of Defense agreed on a schedule for preparing the Admiral Nakhimov heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser for testing

The Ministry of Defense agreed on a schedule for the preparation of a heavy nuclear missile cruiser «Admiral Nakhimov» to the testThe Ministry of Defense agreed on a work schedule for the preparation of a nuclear missile cruiser undergoing repairs with modernization “Admiral Nakhimov” to the test. Based on the results of the preparatory stage, a decision will be made on the timing of the cruiser's entry into the sea..

overhaul “Admiral Nakhimov” comes to the end, soon the ship will be released for post-repair tests. The ship is currently being prepared for testing., is now in the preparatory phase, as a result of which a decision will be made on the readiness of the ship to leave the outfitting wall of Sevmash and go to sea, reported “Revelations” citing a source in the Defense Ministry.

About, that Sevmash began to form a commissioning team for “Admiral Nakhimov”, became known in February last year, OSK officially announced this. Part of the team will prepare the cruiser for testing, other – participate in them and hand over the ship to the military. At the same time, the formation of the crew of the updated cruiser began..

Currently “Admiral Nakhimov” located on the embankment of Sevmash, Completion dates are not known, however previously reported, that the ship should return to combat strength at the beginning 2023 of the year. Immediately after completion of work on “Admiral Nakhimov” the flagship of the Northern Fleet, a heavy nuclear cruiser of the same type, will be upgraded and overhauled “Peter the Great”

During the modernization of the cruiser, included in the Northern Fleet back in 1988 year, completely updated its weapons. According to reports, “Admiral Nakhimov” will have 80 UKKS cells for cruise missiles “Caliber” and “onyx”, as well as hypersonic “zircon”, 92 (probably) mines S-300FM air defense systems and 20 533-mm torpedoes or PLUR “waterfall”, ie. TARKR ammunition will be 192 cruise and anti-ship missiles, SAM and PLUR.

Cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” project 1144 “trencher” It was founded 17 May 1983 , entitled “Kalinin”. 25 April 1986 Year launched, 30 December 1988 became part of the Soviet Navy. 22 April 1992 year renamed to “Admiral Nakhimov”. She is one of the four heavy nuclear cruisers of the project 1144 “trencher”. used photos:USC

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