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Ukrainian military acknowledged the loss of Soledar

Ukrainian military acknowledged the loss of SoledarUkrainian military acknowledged the loss of Soledar. It happened after, how the remnants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost control of Mine No. 7, which they themselves attributed to the city limits, although this object is geographically located outside the city.

The day before, a Ukrainian soldier with the call sign "Magyar" published a muddy photo with the Ukrainian flag on one of the towers, claiming, that the flag "flies at the westernmost point of Soledar". Today, the same person writes on a social network about, that Russian troops completely captured the territories of the 7th mine, including industrial area.

Ukrainian military acknowledged the loss of Soledar

Ukrainian soldier, not using terms, directly related to the loss of Soledar, nevertheless recognizes such a loss, using the following wording:

The front is now outside Soledar. This is confirmed by other Ukrainian military personnel, who managed to get out of Soledar.

Earlier messages about, that the APU lost Soledar, were also published by several Ukrainian journalists. Representatives of the political authorities of Ukraine do not comment on these statements..

Meanwhile, there are reports of, that Russian troops, freeing Soledar and its western suburbs, develop an offensive in the western and southern directions. So, under the control of PMC "Wagner" passed a fairly long section of the road, connecting Bakhmut (Артёмовск) and Soledar with Seversk. Fighting is taking place in the area of ​​the M03 and T0513 auto junctions, from which the road to the Slavic-Kramatorsk agglomeration goes.

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