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The command of the US Navy proposes to limit the constant escort of aircraft carriers to one cruiser

The command of the US Navy proposes to limit the constant escort of aircraft carriers to one cruiserProblems with the combat readiness of ships are forcing the leadership of the US Navy to reconsider the existing doctrine of guarding aircraft carriers, focusing on a significant reduction in the number of pennants, permanently part of the AUG.

US Fleet Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle (USFF, the service is responsible for completing the Navy) He stated, that the military leadership is rethinking the doctrine of the deployment of aircraft carrier strike groups. Currently, the AUG security includes one cruiser and up to five destroyers. However, the fleet with great difficulty has to withstand such a load., forcing the command to constantly maneuver between pennant maintenance, crew training and combat deployment of ships. In this regard, the existing concept of AUG is planned to be revised.

Our ships should not work side by side, to fight effectively together- noted the admiral.

In his words, it is proposed to withdraw the destroyers from the constant protection of aircraft carriers and transfer them to their own training and deployment cycle.

According to the new concept, the aircraft carrier will accompany the URO cruiser, who will serve as the air defense commander of the strike group, tankers to resupply and bring in destroyers as needed- noted in USNI News.

The new concept is called plug-and-play. As the admiral points out, "although training the entire strike team together is still the ideal scenario", the progress made in virtual technologies allows ships to interact during exercises, regardless of the distance separating them. used photos:US Department of Defense

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