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Day of military orchestra service of the Russian Armed Forces

Day of military orchestra service of the Russian Armed ForcesAbout, that music directly affects the emotional background of a person, enough has been said already. for example, certain rhythms are able to mobilize our inner strength and raise our strong-willed spirit.

That is why, music is used in various spheres of human life, including military.

Today, 14 January, the military orchestra service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation celebrates its professional holiday.

It is worth noting, that this holiday in our Amiya is one of the youngest. Indeed, at the legislative level, it was approved in 2021 year.

Nowadays, the aforementioned service is engaged in the training of military musicians and conductors., participates in parades, parades and other ceremonial events, associated with the Russian army, and also contributes to the educational process of personnel. However, it wasn't always like that.

for example, according to historical information, at the turn of the 10th-11th centuries, musical instruments were used to a greater extent to give signals and commands in princely squads during the battle.

If we talk specifically about "military music", then the first progress in this direction occurred during the reign of Ivan IV. At the same time, the sentinel and signal services continued to be the duties of military musicians..

The emergence of the first military choirs and schools, where musicians were trained, like many innovations in the Russian army, fell on the reign of Peter I.

The final chord, so to speak, in the formation of the military orchestra service in our country, the introduction of the “Regulations” and the “State of the Bureau of Military Brass Bands of the Red Army and Navy at the Agitation and Education Department of Pura” is considered 14 January 1921 of the year, which formed the basis of today's holiday. Author:Vasily Volkov

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