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Uralvagonzavod delivered another batch of T-90M "Proryv" tanks to the military

Uralvagonzavod delivered another batch of T-90M tanks to the military «Breakthrough»The Russian defense industry is increasing the pace of production of military products, supplying everything necessary for the conduct of hostilities in the NVO zone. Today, 12 January 2023 of the year, Concern Uralvagonzavod handed over another batch of T-90M tanks to the military “Breakthrough”.

Recently, more and more T-90M tanks have been entering the special operation zone., which are actively used on the front line and have proven themselves from the best side. According to reviews, coming from the front, “nineties” proved to be a highly efficient machine, capable of hitting enemy armored vehicles at a great distance, at the same time, tank protection withstands hits by anti-tank missiles, including the much-praised American Javelin in the West.

At present, the UVZ conveyor for the production of new tanks, as well as modernization of old, operates around the clock. The enterprise sent the previous batch of tanks to the troops in the 20th of December, and now a new batch of armored vehicles has been handed over to the military. The number of vehicles in the batch is not reported, UVZ press service clarified, that another contract for the supply of T-90M tanks was successfully completed “Breakthrough”, equipment sent to the troops. highlights, that the vehicles are assembled taking into account the experience of using tanks in a special operation and the wishes of the tankers.

T-90M was developed within the framework of development work “Breakthrough 3” and is deep modernization of T-90 with increased performance combat and. In the course of modernization of T-90M set a new tower unit with a 125mm gun and accuracy increased survivability. On the tower mounted remotely controlled machine gun mount 12.7 mm caliber. The new tank is equipped with a highly automated digital fire control system., which provides search, recognition, and tracking of goals defeat. T-90M is equipped with a third-generation dynamic protection complex “Relict” and elements of the complex “Afghani”.

According to the data, coming from military correspondents and from the front line, Recently, a lot of new equipment has arrived in the NWO zone, including T-90M tanks.

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