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Russian troops continue active offensive operations in Artemovsk, on Avdeevsky and Krasno-Limansky directions

Russian troops continue active offensive operations in Artemovsk, on Avdeevsky and Krasno-Limansky directionsDuring the day 12 January, the Russian armed forces demonstrated high offensive activity on Artemovsky, Avdeevsky and Krasno-Limansky directions. This follows from the data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and from the speech of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar.

The Ukrainian military department is alarmed by the buildup of the military power of Russian troops in the main areas. According to Malyar, number of units and divisions, participating in hostilities from the Russian side, constantly increasing.

So, 12 January, the assault on Artemovsk continued, Russian artillery fired at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Avdeevka and in the Krasno-Limansky direction. Fire was fired at the enemy in the Kupyansk direction. Five sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed here.

The cleanup of Soledar continues. So, military correspondents report, that two Ukrainian military, not willing to give up, were destroyed in the private sector of the city during the cleansing activities carried out by the Russian troops. Besides, Russian forces continue to storm the nearby village of Blagodatnoye and suppress enemy resistance at the Sol railway station.

Ukrainian formations continue to suffer losses in military equipment. for example, A Su-25 aircraft was shot down, two American-made M777 and M109 artillery systems were destroyed, as well as armored vehicles and vehicles of the enemy.

In Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava and Kharkiv regions declared an air alert. Ukrainian media also reported on explosions in Kherson, which is now occupied by formations of the Kyiv regime. Besides, Ukrainian publics also write about explosions in Kramatorsk, occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In retaliation for the high activity of Russian troops, Ukrainian formations continue to shell residential areas of Donetsk. As a result of strikes, civilians are killed in the city. So, a civilian died during the shelling of the Leninsky district of Donetsk, two more people were injured.

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