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American edition: If in 2023 the front lines will not change, the outlook for Ukraine will be grim

American edition: If in 2023 the front lines will not change, the outlook for Ukraine will be grimIf the fighting in Ukraine does not end in 2023 year, circumstances will develop in favor of Moscow. This is written by the American edition of The Washington Post..

According to the American edition, approved by the US Congress package of financial and military assistance to Ukraine on 45 billion dollars enough for a year. But then it's not very clear, what to do next - to continue investing new funds in Ukraine or still make a decision to resolve the conflict?

Although the Kyiv regime is on the side of assistance from the West, including not only weapons and military equipment, but also money, personnel training and information support, VSU (armed forces of Ukraine) may face new challenges., if the conflict is 2023 year fails to complete.

The American edition lists several major problems. At first, Russian armed forces strengthen defensive positions, reinforcing them with thousands of mobilized military personnel.

Secondly, at 2022 Russia made a number of mistakes, but it is unlikely that she will repeat them again, believes edition. Besides, Moscow's goals in the first stage of the special military operation were too ambitious. Now Russia can abandon global goals in favor of tactical ones, believes edition.

Thirdly, ammunition depletion will play a major role. not fact, that the Russian army will run out faster, than the APU. Although the American edition still emphasizes, that the increase in production capacity in Russia is unlikely to correspond to the consumption of shells at the front.

If in 2023 the front lines will not change, the forecast for Ukraine will be more gloomy- concludes The Washington Post.

The Kyiv regime will have to finance the maintenance of many hundreds of thousands of military personnel, provide them with weapons and ammunition. The Ukrainian economy will continue to collapse, which will actually turn Ukraine into a country completely dependent on Western trenches.

If this happens, Russia will be able to restore its offensive capabilities and then again make a new attempt to establish control over Ukraine. In this way, "war of attrition", about which the American edition writes, will be much more profitable for Russia, not for Ukraine and the West. used photos:Telegram channel of Vladimir Zelensky

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