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The Ministry of Defense announced the return of another group of Russian servicemen from Ukrainian captivity

The Ministry of Defense announced the return of another group of Russian servicemen from Ukrainian captivityAnother group of Russian servicemen managed to return from Ukrainian captivity, return was the result of negotiations. It is reported by the Ministry of Defense.

The Russian military managed to return to their homeland fifty servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces, held captive by the Armed Forces. The group is already on Russian territory and will soon be delivered by aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces to Moscow, where the necessary course of treatment and rehabilitation will take place in medical institutions of the military department. Primary medical and psychological care already provided.

8 January this year. as a result of the negotiation process, from the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime, 50 Russian troops, who were in mortal danger in captivity- Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Terms of exchange not disclosed, so tell the formula, on which it took place, we can not, there is also no official information on Ukrainian sites yet. It is worth noting, that this is the first exchange, held this year, last passed 31 December, was returned from Ukrainian captivity 81 Russian serviceman.

As of November, more than 8 thousand Ukrainian soldiers, at the same time, the number of Russians in Ukrainian captivity is many times less. In this regard, Kyiv calls on its servicemen to take Russian prisoners more often in order to create “exchange fund”, promising payouts for every prisoner of war. In Kyiv, they even compiled special tables with “rates” for certain categories of Russian military personnel.

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