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The enemy tried to strike at Sevastopol using drones

The enemy tried to strike at Sevastopol using dronesFrom Sevastopol comes information about, that the city once again tried to attack enemy forces using an unmanned aerial vehicle. According to recent reports, the drone was moving towards Sevastopol from the sea. This information is confirmed by the Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev..

According to him, air defense drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was shot down.

An explosion in the sky in the coastal zone of Sevastopol was heard from a distance of several kilometers. known, that the drone did not cause any damage to civilians, nor military installations.

The head of the city noted, that all services are currently running as normal.

This is the 4th drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which our calculations of air defense systems have been shooting down since the beginning of December near Sevastopol.

It was initially reported, that the UAV shot down near Sevastopol was a Turkish-designed Bayraktar TB2 drone. At the moment, this information has not been officially confirmed..

Notably, that the first attack was followed by another. And again our air defense systems worked effectively

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