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Footage of the remote mining system "Agriculture" appeared on the Internet

Footage of the operation of the remote mining system appeared on the Internet «Agriculture»Engineering systems for remote mining "Agriculture" are produced by the Tula enterprise "Splav", specializing in the production of MLRS. it is logical, after all, ISDM in action is very similar to the Grad rocket system, only her ammo doesn't explode, and burrow into the ground.

Footage of the operation of such a remote mining system "Agriculture" appeared on the Internet, which were published by the Telegram channel "Winged".

The video shows the moment of combat use of ISDM in a special military operation. It can use as anti-personnel, and anti-tank mines, covering an area up to 15 ha.

When through the minefield, established by "Agriculture", passing heavy equipment, eg, tank, it creates a disturbance in the earth's magnetic field. Anti-tank mine PTM-4M catches it, recognizes the source and, if necessary, triggers. Trying to defuse such mines is useless, because they explode, if you move them just a little. But this can easily be done remotely, who installed them, turning off the field. Then he has the option to activate it again.

POM-3 mine is used to defeat manpower. After landing, it discards the protective cover and self-cocks. Her petals open, due to which it becomes vertical.

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