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American officials: Washington is not ready to confront Beijing in the Indo-Pacific region

American officials: Washington is not ready to confront Beijing in the Indo-Pacific regionAccording to US legislators, all the loud promises of the United States to deploy firepower in the Indo-Pacific region in order to, to force China to abandon its plans to "take over" Taiwan, seem impracticable. Also, as congressmen add, these actions are already belated..

Or Ratner, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs:

2023-year, for sure, will be a turning point for the United States in that, regarding the alignment of forces in the region in the short termAt the same time, congressmen from the Republican Party expressed confidence that, that Washington is not ready to confront Beijing for the reason, that the Chinese army has at its disposal a powerful navy, air supported, along with the presence of anti-ship ballistic missiles. All this allows the Chinese Navy to dominate the American in the Indo-Pacific region for many years to come..

Washington is not ready for a confrontation with Beijing in the Indo-Pacific regionRegarding billions of dollars in arms supplies to Taiwan from the United States under the island's defense budget lending program, Republican officials noted, that everything is not so smooth here: accumulated large debts on orders, what was caused initially by the coronavirus pandemic, further exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine.

note, that the Pentagon intends to reduce the number of American aircraft in the region, and also replace their warships with more modernized versions. At the same time, all this runs counter to the plans of the United States to assist Australia in the construction of nuclear submarines., which is also part of the joint strategy of the two countries to contain China.

Meanwhile, Beijing continues to firmly defend its position, according to which the buildup of its military power does not pose any threats. Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said, All these actions are completely legal and justified., since they are aimed at strengthening the national security of the country. Author:Egorenkov Alexander

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