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American edition: U.S. transmits coordinates of takeoff sites for Russian drones to Ukrainian Armed Forces

American edition: U.S. transmits coordinates of takeoff sites for Russian drones to Ukrainian Armed ForcesThe United States provides the Ukrainian armed forces with information about, from where the Russian army launches unmanned aerial vehicles, who "work" on Ukrainian facilities. The American newspaper The New York Times writes about it..

The publication calls this task very difficult.. After all, the Russian military, according to the American press, constantly launch drones from new and unexpected places, allegedly using any suitable platforms for this purpose, including car parks and stadiums.

As The New York Times writes, assistance to the Kyiv regime with intelligence information is carried out within the framework of some special program of the American administration to prevent the development of military-technical cooperation between Iran and Russia. The main goal of this program is to achieve, so that Iran does not transfer its unmanned aerial vehicles to the Russian Federation. In Russia and in Iran itself, recall, sale of Iranian UAVs for use in a special military operation is not recognized.

American authorities believe, what, if Russia allegedly buys Iranian drones, this encourages Tehran to further improve both UAV manufacturing capabilities, and the drones themselves. In its turn, such a scenario already poses a threat to US interests in the Middle East, as well as for US allies, First of all, for Israel.

The publication also noted, that the representative of the National Security Council under the American administration, Adrienne Watson, admitted the existence of a program to prevent the production of drones in Iran. But opposition to Iran in this direction, according to Watson, carried out by introducing new sanctions and tightening export controls.

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