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"Military Review" thanks readers for their support in connection with the enemy's cyberattack on the publication's website

«military Review» thanks readers for their support in connection with the cyberattack of the enemy on the publication's websiteSite "Military Review" during 25 December is subjected to repeated attacks. Attacks are systematic and have an impressive financial backing. Whose side are these cyberattacks coming from and who financially provides this replenishment?

It is quite clear, what are those doing, for whom the information, distributed by "Military Review" about the events in the Donbass, in Ukraine, has the character of an information scalpel, cutting flesh and allowing you to see the Nazi infection, that struck the body – original Russian lands, employed by the current destructive Kyiv regime. For these individuals and their groups, any information, any truth, destroying the foundations of Western and Kyiv propaganda, cause extreme anger, which is a kind of vinaigrette from the complex of farm arrogance, belief in one's own exclusivity and at the same time understanding, that their defeat is inevitable and that victory will be with Russia and the Russian world.

Financial support, and this is not at all symbolic and not junk amounts, is clearly part of those ever-increasing financial resources, who were Western sponsors of the Nazi regime in Kyiv (and not only in Kyiv, by the way) stand out in order to promote their fakes, Lying, to engage in the substitution of concepts and the juggling of facts beneficial to them.

In this regard, "Military Review" expresses gratitude to its readers for, that you stay with us even in such difficult moments, show patience, attention and participation, send messages of support to employees. We are together - this is important! And all these injections from the enemy are more proof that, that he has the resources, but no stem, and that the truth is not on his side.

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