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Russian promising T-14 Armata tanks spotted in the special operation zone

Russian promising tanks T-14 «Armani» spotted in the special operation zoneVideo of the combat coordination of the crews of the latest T-14 tanks “Armani” appeared on Russian Internet resources. As stated, tanks are located in the rear areas of the special military operation zone.

About, that Russian T-14 tanks “Armani” are in the SVO zone, said Russian TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov, at the forefront. It was Solovyov's team who shot footage of the combat coordination of the crews of T-14 tanks in the Donbass. Prior to this, the latest tanks were seen at the training ground near Kazan, where the mobilized were trained.

I am returning from another trip to the front line with the first shots of the combat coordination of the crews of the T-14 Armata tanks, great material about the soldiers of the Special Forces Akhmat, under the command of the Hero of Russia Apti Alaudinov and a story about the operation of a unique MTO train – Solovyov wrote in his TG channel.

To date, T-14 tanks “Armani” did not take part in hostilities in the special operation zone, at least there have been no reports of this. At first, the tank is very expensive, the cost is called in the area 350 million. rubles, which is seven times more expensive than the upgraded T-72B3. Secondly, the appearance of these tanks at the front will attract the closest attention to them, up to attempts to seize this technique.

On the other hand, running in a promising tank in combat conditions is worth a lot.

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