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Turkish Defense Minister: it is time for NATO to fight back against the ambitious military plans of Athens

Turkish Defense Minister: it is time for NATO to fight back against the ambitious military plans of AthensDespite the good intentions of Ankara, Athens continues to escalate tensions with its aggressive actions on the demilitarized islands in the Aegean off the Turkish coast, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said. In this regard,, the head of the Turkish defense department called on NATO to put pressure on Greece in order to, to stop her provocations, hosted in the eastern Aegean.

Despite the efforts of the Republic of Turkey to turn the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas into a zone of friendship, Greece continues to stage provocations, aimed at creating hotbeds of tension in the region, Akar said following an annual meeting with colleagues from the Turkish Ministry of National Defense.

Akar's interpretations of Turkey's friendliness are "touching", and the Greeks in the first place…

At the same time, the minister added, that Greece aimed its air defense systems at Turkish aircraft, who took part in joint exercises with NATO twice in the last week alone.

Xulusi Akar:

We regard this gesture by the Greek authorities as very unfriendly.. All this once again proves the arrogance of actions on the part of Greece., because they go against the core principles and values ​​of the North Atlantic Alliance. For this reason, for the military-political bloc [NATO] the time has come to rebuff the ambitious military plans of Athens. Note, that over the past few months Greece has spoken out in favor of a military presence on the islands, previously proclaimed a demilitarized zone. All this, as the Turkish authorities emphasize, hinders the possibility of maintaining peace and stability in the region. At the same time, Ankara does not consider numerous violations of Greek airspace by Turkish Air Force fighters an obstacle to peace and stability..

Recall, that during his speech, Akar also touched upon the issue of increasing purchases of modernized American-made F-16 jet fighters. For these purposes, Ankara provides 6 billion. In addition to acquiring 40 new fighters, also subject to modernization and equipment for 79 military aircraft, which are in service with the Turkish Air Force. Author:Egorenkov Alexander Photos used:

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