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Iranian Foreign Ministry urged Zelensky not to test Tehran's patience, making "reckless statements"

Iranian Foreign Ministry urged Zelensky not to test Tehran's patience, by doing «reckless statements»Iran did not supply military equipment to any side of the military conflict in Ukraine, and Zelensky should not try Tehran's patience, making reckless statements. This statement was made by the representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kanani Chafi.

Iranian diplomat criticized Zelensky's speech in the US Congress, calling him “obscene”. According to the representative of the Foreign Ministry, Iran did not supply military equipment to either side for use in the conflict, Tehran respects the territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine.

Zelensky should know, that Iran's strategic patience with such baseless accusations is not unlimited- according to the website of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Besides, reminded in Tehran, what “friendship” with the United States does not always have a positive result and advised the Ukrainian president “learn a lesson” from the fate of other political leaders, who also sought Washington's support.

Ukraine has repeatedly accused Iran of supplying drones to Russia, calling Russian kamikaze drones “Geranium” Iranian Shahed 136. At the same time, Kyiv was unable to provide evidence, that those used by Russian troops are Iranian. Zelensky, being a US puppet, arriving in Washington, again accused Tehran of supplying arms to Russia.

Despite the allegations, nor Moscow, neither Tehran recognizes the supply of drones. The Kremlin emphasized, that Russia uses drones only of domestic production.

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