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The president: against Russia, the military potential and capabilities of almost all major NATO countries are used

The president: against Russia, the military potential and capabilities of almost all major NATO countries are usedToday, under the chairmanship of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the annual meeting of the collegium of the Russian Defense Ministry was held in an expanded format. The head of the military department, Sergei Shoigu, reported on the progress of the special operation, number of weapons and military equipment, enlisted in the troops 2022 year, and social security of military personnel.

Taking into account the date of the board meeting, it became the final one for this year and the program for at least 2023. Significant theses and statements from the speech of Putin and Shoigu are already actively distributed and discussed in the Russian press and social networks. Here is some of them.

During the Ukrainian conflict, Russia is confronted by the entire collective West, NATO resources are used to the maximum. In the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a grouping of more than 500 satellites, providing intelligence on an ongoing basis. At the same time, the Kyiv regime uses terrorist methods of warfare and regularly commits war crimes with tacit approval., and even on the direct instructions of their Western curators.

However, our soldiers, sergeants and officers are fighting for Russia courageously and steadfastly, the President emphasized.

Under the circumstances, Putin said, Russia will continue to strike Ukrainian infrastructure and military targets.

Talking about the past partial mobilization, Putin said, that certain problems were identified in the course of it, to be resolved as soon as possible. Firstly, it is necessary to modernize and digitalize the work of military commissariats. It is necessary to improve the interaction of military registration and enlistment offices with local and regional authorities.

Minister of Defense, in its turn, noting the growing threats from the North Atlantic Alliance, proposed to take measures to create and strengthen the grouping of troops in the north-west of Russia and increase the number of the RF Armed Forces to 1,5 million troops, including 695 thousand contractors.

Generally, a preliminary analysis of the policy statements of the head of state and the minister of defense allows us to conclude, that the Russian army is waiting for a fairly significant reform, which is necessary due to various shortcomings revealed during the NWO, and because of the growing threat from the United States and NATO.

Next year the army will receive many different weapons, much more, than in 2021-2022 years, including various UAVs. But an increase in arms production should not undermine the country's economy, it is necessary to find a balance in solving these problems.

The modernization of the army should take place using high-tech developments, including artificial intelligence. The speed of interaction and decision-making at the horizontal and vertical levels needs to be accelerated, in combat conditions, bring to seconds.

Confrontation with the West in Ukraine could be lengthy, at the same time, the course towards achieving the goals of the SVO does not change. It makes no sense to negotiate with Kyiv in the current situation, primarily because, that the Western curators of the Zelensky regime do not want to recognize the rights and take into account the interests of Russia.

Putin knows the real numbers of losses in the NVO, but in a different way, as he notes, it was no longer possible. The start of the special operation was inevitable, and its results are guaranteed. Author:Alexander Grigoriev Photos used:Website of the President of the Russian Federation

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