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The President explained the reason for the refusal to intensify hostilities during the special operation

The President explained the reason for the refusal to intensify hostilities during the special operationThe President held a press conference after the meeting of the State Council, during which he answered a number of questions, dedicated, among other things, to the course of a special military operation. Vladimir Putin asked, is there a variant of the negotiation process with the Kyiv regime.

The head of state noted, that any armed conflict sooner or later ends with a negotiation process. For the umpteenth time, Vladimir Putin pointed out that, that Russia does not refuse negotiations, unlike the Kyiv regime, who forbade himself to negotiate. Putin called this approach of the Kyiv authorities "strange" and added, that you can ban as much as you want, drag out the situation, but in any case, the conflict will end with negotiations.

Also during the press conference, the President touched upon the issue of, why Russian troops do not intensify the conduct of hostilities. The Russian President named the reason, noting, that any intensification of hostilities always and everywhere leads to a significant increase in losses.

The president:

I've already said many times, the intensification of hostilities leads to unjustified losses. After that, President Putin pointedly added: "The hen is pecking at the grain". There was also talk of the upcoming deliveries of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine. The President of Russia called this air defense system a rather old system, which is inferior even to the S-300 air defense system.


Let's click and remind them, that during the meeting of the State Council a wide range of issues was discussed. Particular attention was paid to the need to support volunteers and Russian youth. According to Putin, it is extremely important to ensure the continuity of generations for the full development of the country.

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