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The British Ministry of Defense delivered a new batch of high-precision Brimstone-2 missiles to Kyiv

The British Ministry of Defense delivered a new batch of high-precision Brimstone-2 missiles to KyivUkraine receives second batch of second-generation Brimstone high-precision missiles, different from the first range of defeat. This was reported by the press service of the British Ministry of Defense.

The British military has delivered Brimstone-2 precision-guided missiles to Ukraine as part of another military aid package, previously reported. The number of missiles transferred is not reported., celebrated, that this is the second delivery of an improved version of these missiles, the first took place on the 20th of November.

As previously stated in London, The latest version of Brimstone-2 missiles is capable of hitting targets at ranges up to 60 km, but this is when starting from an airplane. In Britain, these missiles are traditionally used from Tornado and Typhoon aircraft., in the variant with Ukraine, Brimstone is used from a ground installation. In this case, the missiles do not fly further 12 km. Basic version of Brimstone missiles, which was originally transferred to Ukraine, had a range 6 km. Trucks or other ground platforms are used for launching.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the main task of Brimstone-2 high-precision missiles – is to stop the advance of the Russian army, with what they supposedly “doing great”. True to give examples, where the UAF used British missiles to stop the offensive where they played “key role”, the British did not bother.

Meanwhile, Kyiv is very concerned about the plans of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to audit all aid transferred to Ukraine.. The Briton really wants to know, how the funds were allocated and where they went. It threatens Kyiv with cuts in the supply of military aid, although Sunak will not dare to completely cut off supplies. Zelensky keeps calling London, trying to dissuade the British prime minister from an audit, but this is not Boris Johnson's friend, and not even Liz Truss, so the audit will still be carried out.

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