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NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced Russia's plan to make the conflict in Ukraine protracted

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced Russia's plan to make the conflict in Ukraine protractedRussian authorities plan to turn the conflict in Ukraine into the most protracted. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke about this in an interview with AFP..

According to the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, The Russian Federation is allegedly planning long-term military operations against Ukraine. Stoltenberg declares, that Russia is mobilizing more forces and preparing for more losses. Also, the Russian command expects to increase the number of weapons and ammunition. A protracted war may be beneficial to the Russian side, considered in the West.

However, against this background, the West needs to maintain a high level of supplies of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine.. Stoltenberg believes, that the Kyiv regime needs to be helped until then, until Russia abandons its plan to defeat Ukraine. Naturally, the opinion of the Europeans and Americans themselves is not of interest to the NATO Secretary General, as well as the level of well-being of the population of Western countries, which is now declining precisely because of anti-Russian sanctions and support for Ukraine.

Once again, Stoltenberg repeated another of his "brilliant" ideas - supposedly a further increase in the supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine will allegedly lead to peace negotiations.. In this way, in NATO demonstrate their readiness to further contribute to the escalation of the armed conflict, despite the colossal human losses of the Ukrainian armed forces, on destruction of infrastructure and millions of refugees in Europe. clear, that the Kyiv regime, with such a position of its Western patrons, will not seek negotiations for the sake of ending the armed confrontation. used photos:Office of the President of Ukraine

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