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The Netherlands and NATO agreed to "doubling" military assistance to Ukraine against the backdrop of empty arsenals

The Netherlands and NATO agreed to «doubling» military assistance to Ukraine against the backdrop of empty arsenalsThe Netherlands advocates at least doubling arms supplies to Ukraine. This was stated by Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra following a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Stockpiles of weapons and ammunition from Western countries have already been depleted due to military assistance to Ukraine, this is recognized by the leadership of many countries, Yes, and it's clear from recent events.. To date, only a small group of European countries, plus USA, continue to supply the Zelensky regime. At the same time, the volume of supplied weapons has fallen significantly., the arsenal is empty, and not everyone risks weakening their own armed forces in such a situation. Against this backdrop, there are concerns, that, left without help, Kyiv will certainly lose to Russia, and that “catastrophe” for the West.

So in the Netherlands they were worried about the current state of military assistance to Ukraine and even held a meeting with NATO Secretary General, to coordinate efforts to support Kyiv. Agreed this help “double” least.

We talked about our unwavering support for Kyiv and the need to redouble efforts to provide Ukraine with weapons- said Hoekstra.

The decision was made and even announced, in Kyiv, Zelensky is already quite rubbing his hands. Now it remains to find this military aid and double it. The thing is, that the Netherlands does not have its own military industry and purchase weapons from other countries. All their deliveries to Ukraine were limited to the transfer of foreign weapons and payment for the transferred equipment of other countries., in particular the Czech Republic. Stoltenberg has nothing more, he just “talking head” alliance, voicing the will of the owners from across the ocean. NATO at its core – it's a big bureaucracy, coordinating the actions of the member countries of the alliance.

So we got together “double” Stoltenberg and Hoekstra, not yet known, but loud statements are made, in Ukraine they know, that the West will not abandon them. In the near future for sure.

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