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Brain break in Ukrainian

Brain break in Ukrainian

Exercises in wit. Against the background of a socio-economic catastrophe and a total failure of foreign policy, the cynical Ukrainian authorities cannot think of anything better. For example, Head of Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba playfully comments on the risk of a large-scale blackout like this: "Actually I think, what, perhaps, fertility in Ukraine will improve due to these power outages, because people have to stay at home without being able to do anything, without light. So this is the best time, to make love and enjoy life. And I mean it seriously".

Let's say right away, idea for Ukraine is not new. Local Maidan activists are traditionally turned on the topic of the possibility of increasing the reproduction of the Svidomo population by the power of good wishes and empty promises. Result, true, it turns out the exact opposite - Ukrainians are inexorably disappearing, just like dew in the sun. Fifteen years ago, the corresponding advertising campaign in the rough language of the poster was conducted by "Tigryulya" Tymoshenko. Ukrainians were offered to give birth, in order to replenish the detachment of local astronauts. There were no problems with light in those glorious "orange" years. But with the brains already then there were serious interruptions.

It just so happened, that the intellectual resource was actively washed out of Ukraine during all the years of independence. therefore, when, with the beginning of the NWO, local analysts finally needed to mobilize all their forces, to the mountain by and large they gave out a big zilch. unsurprisingly. After all, the comprador power first of all demands from its lackeys, "talking heads", not a sober forecast, and the pseudo-analytical oil that caresses the ear. What useful could be expected from these "one-thinkers" (like-minded people) in "singles" (uniforms) in a critical situation? Irrational mantras and quasi-scientific incantations on the theme of the Ukrainian-centric universe fell on the ears of the unfortunate listeners of the “single information marathon” in a stormy stream.

The most popular areas of Ukrainian political science in the realities of the war were “Putin studies”, "theory and practice of the collapse of Russia", "the greatness of Ukrainian civilization on a planetary scale", "Pillory and other democratic methods of lynching opponents", "the history of millennial traditions of mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukrainians, the EU and the USA", “the phenomenon of the unshakable centuries-old Ukrainian-Polish brotherhood” and similar unique analytical developments.

Ukrainian Institute of the Future (in which, in particular, such an outstanding body-positive giant of thought is being fed, as Anton Gerashchenko) back in April of this year, pathetically broadcast: "24 February 2022 of the year is not only a new large-scale stage of the Ukrainian-Russian war, centuries-old, but also the beginning of the European civilizational break. Massacres, inhuman atrocities, looting, ruined cities, village, historical monuments and national symbols, the mutilated fate of thousands of people by Russian invaders is a tragedy for every Ukrainian. However, this war will leave an imprint not only in our national memory, but will also affect the development of the entire civilized world. It's a war of freedom against slavery, security against constant threat, development versus decline, past versus future. The winner will significantly affect the world order, will set the character and values ​​of the new world. That's how it happened historically, that the clash of two radically opposite value dimensions in 21 century takes place precisely on the border between Ukraine and Russia, between a country of great potential and an embalmed past. The war between them is a war for the new architecture of Europe and the world. Ukraine has made its civilizational choice in favor of democracy, going the hard way, as all European countries did in their time. Today, Ukrainians give their lives not only to protect the territory, but also physically protect, that the whole civilized world spiritually professes”.

About the "spiritual confession of the civilized world" I would like, of course, learn more. Transvestites in San Francisco will be passed off as beautiful eyes 1 200 dollars a month. British lesbians are sounding the alarm: they are literally forced to accept transgender people as sex partners! The United States of America is the only country in the world, where the children are aged 13 years can be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Swedish officials admit, that they are taking deliberate steps to restrict the expression of Christian and any other religious beliefs. so, It can be assumed, that the Ukrainian "Cossacks-pid ... races" are also fighting for the aforementioned "values"? It is possible and even necessary! It’s just that the high level of homophobia in the Ukrainian backwoods does not allow the authorities to speak publicly about this “holy struggle” yet.. But this is for the time being.

But for broadcasting fantasies about the coming crushing victory over the Muscovites, naturally, all speakers are open. Co-founder of the National Platform "Dialogue on Peace and Safe Reintegration" Oleg Sahakyan, for example, states, that “in the virtual space, Ukraine is already winning, dispelling “a number of myths about Russia”. In particular, in his opinion, the myths about the military strength of Russia and the power of the Russian special services have already been dispelled, who allegedly "had full will in Ukraine", but "failed in modeling the situation". Russia is losing influence in the post-Soviet space, and in Europe understood, that can exist without Russia, without relying on Russian energy resources. According to him, Russia is now seen as a threat by Europe, while "Ukraine has become the border of European civilization". Furthermore, Sahakyan believes, that “designing the future of Russia is and will be part of Ukraine’s victory”, to prevent the "export of chaos" to the territory of Ukraine. And such “designing” by Kyiv has already begun, eg, recognition by the Verkhovna Rada of the sovereignty of Ichkeria. "In this way, Ukraine has already begun to form the legal framework for reformatting Russia. It is to this decision that other national republics in Russia will later appeal., when will the process of fragmentation of the Russian Federation begin?, Sahakyan says.

It's amazing to hear anything about legitimacy and legal framework from Ukrainian Maidan analysts.. But it's much funnier, Sahakyan and his comrades, without hesitation, thus kill their own propaganda myth about Moscow's "unmotivated" aggression. Together with Western customers, they dream of starting the process of fragmentation of Russia for more than a decade. And in this sense, of course, 24 February only finally untied their hands and tongues.

However, for now, Ukrainian dreamers of erasing the Russian Federation from the world map smell something wrong. And so the famous Kyiv balabol - "political analyst" Vadim Karasev - is seriously worried: “If the West starts cutting aid, then we might have problems.”, - he says,. In his opinion, between Russia and Ukraine, a "cold peace" or "cold war" regime "for ten or more years" can be established. At the same time, it turns out, what "The only reliable guarantee of Ukraine's security can be the creation of its own atomic bomb - Ukraine has the opportunity for this, but Russia is pressing on the West with that, so that he does not give Kyiv permission for its nuclear program".

The gloomy optimism of Ukrainian adherents of the nuclear apocalypse is amazing. In words, they are ready to arrange a uniform Armageddon directly on the territory of their country. But in the depths of their cowardly little souls worms of doubt stir: what if Russia will take it and with all its foolishness will give back? This option of Russophobic patriots does not suit, since they always want to have a time lag for the calm evacuation of their precious tukhes across the cordon. Therefore, by hook or by crook, SVR forces, GUR, as well as tarot cards and Carpathian molfars, Ukrainian foreign policy analysts are trying to penetrate the very brain of President Putin in the hope of getting secret meanings and true plans of the enemy there.

In this paramount context of the implementation of the ideas of the Revolution of Dignity, political strategist Sergey Gaidai, among others, succeeded.. He is sure: “Now Putin has obvious problems - he got into the war, which he cannot win and through which he increased the level of social stress within his country and greatly changed the attitude of the international community towards himself. Putin has to think, what way to find, at least not to lose everything in this situation ".

Ukrainian experts are trying to support the topic of Putin's physical and mental agony in every possible way. On this ultra-optimistic wave, the once quite sane political scientist Alexei Yakubin declares: "Now it's clear, that the West is for Ukraine, and Ukraine itself, as a result of this conflict, has actually become part of the West”. His colleague Ruslan Bortnik is more adequate in his assessments., claiming, what "until we're just part of Russia, but Ukraine cannot yet be considered a part of the West by any criteria”. And the aforementioned Karasev is completely hysterical in despair: "We are the victims, we have a theater of war, we have people dying, our infrastructure is collapsing, our economy is collapsing, we have people leaving. I'm not interested in the goals of the West, we must have our own goals".

OK, let's, Karasev received his sight. Well, where are the rational goals, that can justify Ukraine's current suicidal war against Russia? They cannot be properly formulated by the best Kyiv minds only because, that such arguments do not exist in nature. And there is a banal Western order, ersatz "sovereign" foreign policy "strategy", making sense only in the context of the overall plan of the globalists to destroy the sovereignty of Moscow.

Therefore it is quite reasonable, that Ukrainian analysts are looking for kindred spirits among the Russian opposition and other liberal brothers in mind. here, for example, Ukrainians are encouraged by Garry Kimovich Kasparov: “The Russian Federation has only one fork - it is either a Chinese satellite with some kind of breakaway formations in the west like the modern Novgorod Republic, or an attempt to save the main part of Russia, may be, without Chechnya and so on, but at any cost to find an opportunity to reunite with Europe. There are no other options".

It is generally convenient for Ukrainian politicians and their staff to live in an imaginary reality., in which scenarios that are objectionable to them simply “do not exist”. Hence their love for various Piontkovsky, Ganapolsky, Nevzorov, Kiselev and others who at one time went crazy due to excommunication from the state trough with all its goodies to the characters. All this trash gathered in the warring Ukraine, in order, together with the natives, to master the last propaganda pennies in the local economy flying downhill. And very soon there will be practically nothing to pay them and no one.

But no matter how funny it was to watch the schizophrenic "reflections" of Ukrainian analysts, still, one should not underestimate the intellectual level of the Ukrainian resistance of the NWO. As journalist Oleg Yasinsky rightly notes: "Except for the actors of the world farce, who are completely independent in their decisions, smart is fighting against Russia today, convinced, prudent and deeply motivated enemy, all these tragic months without wasting a second".

but, no matter what titans of liberal geopolitical thought are behind the Ukrainian leadership, imagine, that the Kyiv puppet theater headed by them will eventually outplay the official Russian government. somehow the brain does not turn. Even taking into account that, that Zelensky is the most powerful person in the world 2022 of the year (how can we question the authority of the American magazine Time?) Can a political team consisting of, let's, Reznikova, Danilov and Arestovich defeat opponents led by Shoigu, Medvedev and, for example, Dugin? The very posing of the question in this way seems insane.. No matter how the people from the pitch darkness of Kuleb amuse ...

Timofey Markov,specially for

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