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France handed over LRU multiple rocket launcher systems to Ukraine

France handed over LRU multiple rocket launcher systems to UkraineFrance delivered to Ukraine installation of MLRS LRU, which is the French analogue of the American M270A1 MLRS system. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced the arrival of the French MLRS to Ukraine, stated, that with the arrival of this installation, the APU became “even more powerful”. It's not clear from the message., how many installations arrived in Ukraine, but not more than two, since the French promised only two installations.

MLRS LRU from France arrived in Ukraine! The Ukrainian army is now even more powerful to contain and destroy the enemy- Reznikov said.

As stated in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with four versions of the M270A1 MLRS: British M270В1 MLRS, German MARS II, American HIMARS and French LRU. All these systems use the same ammunition and have almost the same characteristics..

The delivery of two MLRS to Ukraine was announced by French Defense Minister Sebastian Lecornu. According open data, in service with the French army 13 jet systems, upgraded to LRU level (Single Rocket Launcher) under the contract 2011 of the year, the rest of the installations were sent to storage.

EFCS fire control system installed on MLRS (European Fire Control System) from Airbus, capable of operating in modern control loops and allowing the use of rockets of the GMLRS family, but prohibiting the use of ammunition with a cluster warhead.

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