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"Just a flat tire": APU from a convenient angle showed the consequences of the arrival of the Lancet drone on the D-20 howitzer

«Just a flat tire»: Armed Forces of Ukraine from a convenient angle showed the consequences of the arrival of a drone «Lancet» by howitzer D-20After the start of the special operation, the supply of Russian troops with kamikaze drones was put on stream. In the context of the small number of air defenses of the square and its inability to effectively combat small targets, attack drones began to hit targets without any special obstacles as on the front line, and behind enemy lines. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to cover up their helplessness in the fight against kamikaze drones with custom stories about the allegedly low performance of Russian UAVs.

One of the videos shows the Ukrainian howitzer D-20, which, allegedly, did not receive critical damage as a result of the Lancet raid.

Just a flat tire. Everyone is alive, change wheels and [howitzer] will work. They didn't do much damage to us.- a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tells about the consequences of the arrival of the Lancet.

At the same time, it is clearly visible, how the breech of the gun smokes and the militant himself photographs the damage. Draws attention to the limited angle of shooting, which was not chosen by chance, in order to hide from the eyes of the real damage, inflicted by the D-20 shock drone.

Author:Evgeny Lyushilin

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