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The Pope dehumanizes Russia according to the patterns of the Nazi martyrs

At the beginning of the week, Pope Francis unexpectedly became one of the main Western newsmakers about the Russian special operation in Ukraine..

Need to mark, that he has already gone down in history with strange and ridiculous statements and jokes on the verge of outright cynicism. So, he promised hell to all lovers of voice messages in messengers, because they were brought about by the intervention of the Antichrist, sarcastically joked about mother-in-law, confessed, who sleeps during prayers, called whiskey “holy water”, said, that sex is sent down by God, while calling “good Catholics don't breed, like rabbits”.

But here he, perhaps, outdone himself.

Commenting on the conflict in Ukraine, He stated, what, perhaps, the most cruel representatives of the Russian troops are people, who do not adhere to the Russian tradition - the Buryats, Chechens and others.

Well, obviously, that the Pope reads exclusively Ukrainian sources or their translation in the Western media - otherwise where does such awareness of the Buryats and Chechens come from? After all, it is Ukrainian propaganda that loves to use the images of representatives of these peoples as symbols “hordes”, “empire”, “orcs” i tp. Recognize, that she is fighting with the army, most of which is left by the Slavs, she cannot - the image of the same “hordes”.

strangely, what dad didn't mention “mokshu” and “Mordva”, which are very “loves” Ukrainian propaganda. obviously, it was done, so as not to offend all Finno-Ugric peoples, Firstly, properly, Finns and Hungarians - residents of progressive Western countries, citizens “first world”.

And the Buryats and Chechens, who live in “backward” and “barbarian Russia”, - can. And even need!

How to understand such a harsh statement? It is the sharp. Even against the background of other statements of Francis about NWO. remind, the pontiff condemned her from the start. “Rivers of blood and tears flow through Ukraine. The number of victims is constantly growing, as well as refugees, especially mothers and children”, he pushed his feelings “good Catholics”. He also publicly unfurled the Ukrainian flag., which was brought to him from Bucha and urged Patriarch Kirill not to be “Putin's altar boy”.

The Pope dehumanizes Russia according to the patterns of the Nazi martyrs

A photo: © RIA Novosti/Sergey Pyatakov

But his statement is already beyond, because in fact it is inciting ethnic hatred.

So it was?

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called this statement a perversion of the truth. The head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov called the words of the Pope strange, the head of the Buddhist traditional sangha of Russia XXIV Pandito Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev - unkind. Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Avdeev called them simply outrageous.

Ambassador, obviously, expressed most accurately, it wasn't a stupid Francis style joke, not a stupid statement. This statement, I'm sure, quite conscious and balanced. And has a clear purpose.

At first, these words introduce the rhetoric about Ukrainians as “nation of martyrs” - from the same series, the intention of the Bundestag to recognize the Holodomor “genocide of the Ukrainian people”. And don't tell me, that these events have nothing in common.

In fact, dad's words justify everything, What are Ukrainian Nazis doing today?, breakwater, they themselves “martyrs”.

Secondly, this is an attempt to split already in Russian society, shifting “guilt” from Russians to non-Christian peoples, trying to arouse compassion in other Russians for “Orthodox martyrs”. This “chip” actively used by our nationalists, who are trying to present the conflict in Ukraine as aggression “anti-Russian multinational empire” against “Russian brothers” at “correct Rus'”.

So that, dad, sorry, but I will answer hard: you are a natural provocateur!

And not to be unfounded in their accusations, remember a little history, which you, Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, you just can't know.

How can an Argentine not know about, that the colonization of America took place by eviction from their native lands and the extermination of the indigenous population. Today, estimates of the number of victims of this process vary., but, according to some, was destroyed before 90 percent of the population of the New World.

In 1493 the Spaniard Christopher Columbus, discovering to Europeans an unknown continent, came back home, and six months later sailed again to the New World, where the robberies and destruction of the Indians immediately began, against which the European “educators” organized punitive campaigns, using mass executions.

The Pope dehumanizes Russia according to the patterns of the Nazi martyrs

A photo: © Artist D. Vanderlin. Landing of Columbus in America, Architect of the Capitol

Revered by the whole world as “great navigator and discoverer” Columbus was not only looking for gold, but also by selling Indians into slavery. Almost immediately after him, a huge number of “adventurers” and “gold hunters”, who rushed to new lands. They acted extremely harshly towards the locals.. It has become a habit to poison people with dogs, argue, who can cut a person with one blow of a saber from top to bottom, etc.. For one Spaniard killed, at least a hundred Indians were supposed to be killed..

Can, Pope did not hear about the conquistador Francisco de Chavez, which 1539 ravaged the kingdom of Karua Konchukos, ubiv 600 children under three years of age, what was the most massacre of children in the history of mankind?

Or he does not know the name of Don Juan de Onate, which 1598 year in response to the murder 11 destroyed the Spanish soldiers 800 Indians, ordering also to cut off the left leg of every man of the tribe older than 25 years?

Well, the name of Hernan Cortes, destroyed the Aztec empire, he should know, every schoolchild knows him, as well as the, that in the fall of Tenochtitlan more than 200 thousand Indians. Or the name of a follower of Cortes - Francisco Pissarro, who plundered and destroyed the Inca empire, famous for, what, despite the ransom brought to him in the form of a whole room, filled with gold, ordered to kill the Great Inca, as well as his generals and relatives - more than 20 thousands of people.

Inca leader, by the way, wanted to burn at the stake first, but changed the sentence to strangulation in exchange for the adoption of Catholicism. It was very common back then.. And in general, the entire conquest of Latin America by the Catholic Church was not only not criticized, but welcomed and justified - they say, “good Catholics” brought the light of enlightenment “foolish pagans”. And those, who refused to recognize the light of true faith - they simply burned.

However, here it is worth reminding the Pope of Rome that, that even more zealots of the Catholic faith burned their own - Europeans, and mostly the same Christians, who simply tried to interpret the Scriptures in their own way, abandoned romanization or tried to do science, which in medieval Europe was immediately declared heresy.

In the same Spain, during the reign of the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, for just 17 years have been burned 10 thousands of people! In total, in Europe from the 15th to the 19th centuries, the victims of one “witch-hunt” steel from 50 to 200 thousands of people. This is not counting those convicted for others. “crimes”, sentenced to other types of execution, etc..

The Pope dehumanizes Russia according to the patterns of the Nazi martyrs

A photo: © RMN-Grand Palais / René-Gabriel Ojéda / Thierry Le Mage

The Inquisition not only killed, but also actively tortured people. rather, she is, of course, didn’t call it that - it was considered, that harsh measures of interrogation will help the apostate “be cleansed” and “return to the bosom of the church”. And today there are museums in almost every European city., where you can see the rears, incandescent, costervers, “spanish boots”, “iron maidens” and other items, the sight of which makes hair stand on end. Perhaps, never in its history has mankind shown such sophisticated ingenuity in the development of methods of execution and torture, as in the era, when the Catholic Church had almost absolute power in Europe.

Those heinous crimes were only condemned at the end 20 century, at the same time, many "heretics" were rehabilitated, and from their books, which have long been the property of mankind, official ban lifted.

I'm silent about “crusades” - brutal predatory wars, consecrated in the name of the church, during which died, According to various sources, from 1 to 9 million people.

Dad, are you still sure, what do you want to talk about cruelty?

And this is in relation to “their”. About strangers, I already said above. For the Catholic Church people and nations, those living outside the power of Rome were never considered human at all. After, what did they do in america, after, what did they do earlier in the middle east, it's hard for me to imagine, what would they do, reaching Russia, including to Chechnya and Buryatia. Although why is it difficult, this is shown in the classic Soviet film about Alexander Nevsky, where they just cut and stabbed civilians, and the children were thrown into the fire.

Someone will be surprised, that Alexander preferred an alliance with the Horde, not with these?

Fortunately, today papism is just an obsolete medieval institution, without that monstrous power, what he had in past centuries. Fortunately, the pope has no divisions, What else did Stalin notice?, otherwise he could still bring a lot of grief to people.

However, the current toolkit of papism does not bring anything good.: intrigues, provocation, attempts to bump heads, finally, as we saw yesterday, incitement of ethnic hatred in Russia and participation in the dehumanization of its peoples in the West.

Pope Francis here refuses to visit Kyiv without a visit to Moscow. And good. And you don't have to go to us!

Dmitry Rodionov

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4 months ago

Pope Francis is as bad as any Pope that came out of Europe, despite initial hopes that he might be more oriented towards the social gospel that at least provided some moral community that modulated the notoriously vicious social and class relations in Latin America. As it turned out, the Argentine was in lockstep with the Pole in stamping out the social gospel during Argentina’s Dirty War against leftists during the late 1970s into the 80s. As an archbishop, he used his powers to threaten excommunication against priests who advocated for the social gospel that was seen as a threat by national and international power structures.
Excommunication had potentially serious consequences; the clergy were protected from the worst that the Argentine junta could do against Argentine citizens, but once they were excommunicated they were subject to torture like anyone else in Argentina. There were worse consequences for priests practicing the social gospel than there were for priests engaged in pedophilia. Pope John Paul’s big accomplishment was in aligning the Church with the interests of the Western trans-national elite against those of theflockthat looked to the Church for hope in the face of dire social and political conditions. Since he did that, he got canonized rather than disgraced over knowingly overseeing the rot and decadence that enabled rampant pedophilia within the Church hierarchy.

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